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The Land & Thrive Garden Center

The Land  event center is the brainchild of Leslie Mortimer-Wallace and her father Malvin Mortimer. Originally from England, the Mortimers moved to Kingston Springs after working decades in the music business. Malvin was tour manager for the band Def Leppard. Leslie worked as a backstage manager for Def Leppard and dressing room coordinator for Justin Bieber.

They purchased land in Kingston Springs with the intent of creating an event venue to showcase the surrounding natural beauty,  local artists, musicians, food and special agricultural events. After meeting horticulturist Matt Pilcher and his wife Katie, the Mortimers and Pilchers pooled their talents to create an open-air melting pot of nature, people and creativity. Thrive Garden Center is run by Pilcher and his wife Katie and offers a large variety of high-quality potted plants, trees, shrubs and flowers.

Located minutes from I-40 outside of Nashville, visit The Land and Thrive Garden Center on Hwy 70 in Kingston Springs for a peaceful respite from the noise of city life. Visit the website for current events and activities.

The Land

1114 Hwy 70

Kingston Springs, TN 37082

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