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 Mugs Coffee Hut

Mugs Coffee Hut offers great quality, fast-serve coffee, espresso, latte, tea, hot chocolate — and even pup cups for your four-legged friends, who might be in the car as you go through the drive-thru line. Owner Celia White and manager Robyn Shade are both from small towns in the western U.S. and wanted to bring a bit of the western way people purchase and drink coffee to Tennessee.

Mugs is located on Highway 12 on the left just as you approach the town of Ashland City from the south (or as you leave from the north). The coffee is purchased from local coffee roasters and the women use Reverse Osmosis to filter their drinks.

Run by for a cup to get your engine started in the morning, or if you need that pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

Mugs Coffee Hut Location:

1212 Hwy 12 S.
Ashland City, TN  37015

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